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Back in October 2012, at the annual reenactment of the Civil War battle at Perryville (here in Kentucky), A.J. and I met the members of a Tennessee-based horse-drawn artillery unit.

Turns out they host a “horse-drawn artillery school” each spring … and this year’s installment is this weekend. We’ll be there, gathering stories and photos, and probably shouting at each other because, of course, we’ll need to remember to wear our earplugs!

We’re both rather ridiculously excited about this opportunity, and looking forward to sharing photos and stories here on the blog and in an upcoming issue of The Carriage Journal. Stay tuned!

I apologize for not posting anything yesterday (it’s a long, boring story of technological challenges, with which I shall not bore you) … but here’s what I would’ve posted if I could have …

We received our “extra” copies of the March issue of The Carriage Journal, and it’s another gorgeous one!



This issue contains articles on carriage collections in Sweden and Germany, a historic Break de Promenade that was recently restored in the Netherlands, a discussion of “restoration vs. conservation” as these two options relate to antique vehicles, and much more.

If you’re not yet a CAA member / Carriage Journal subscriber, but would like to learn more, be sure to visit the Carriage Association’s official website.

Please forgive this super-quick post today. The March issue of The Carriage Journal is finished (yaaaay) and at the printer. And now I need to go run some errands (and pack) before leaving insanely early tomorrow for our fourth CAA/CWF International Carriage Symposium. Look for symposium updates here and on Twitter starting tomorrow evening.

And my other good reason for leaving a bit early? The fire-alarm folks are testing our alarms at the moment. Eeek!

We’ve once again reached that time when I’m frantically diligently working to finish up the next issue of The Carriage Journal. I need to send the e-files for this issue to our printer at the end of the week.

Soooo … I may be doing super-quick blog posts during the remainder of this week so I can concentrate on the magazine.

This pretty photo, which I took at last year’s CIAT Cuts (in France), will be featured on the cover of the March issue …



Some CAA members have already received their mailed copy of the January issue of The Carriage Journal, but the folks who bring us our mail here at the Kentucky Horse Park have just today “found” our extra copies of the magazine. So I’m finally able to post an image of the cover here. Ta daaa …



This issue features articles on sleigh types, harness makers Mark W. Cross & Co., the Butterfield Overland Trail in southern California, and much, much more.

Not yet a CAA member or CJ subscriber? Visit the Carriage Association online to learn more!

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