This blog began its life several years ago, as a venue for stories and photos from my and Jill’s work-related travels. We both work for the Carriage Association of America (we’re its only two full-time employees, in fact). And we travel to a lot of interesting places.

Then, somewhere along the way, I had the crazy brilliant idea to update the blog every day. With that goal in mind, the blog’s scope expanded a bit. Well, a lot, actually.

In addition to covering CAA trips and events here, I post photos that I’ve taken; old photos and other interesting tidbits that I’ve found; carriage- and driving-related history of places I visit; and local history and photos (and, um, college-basketball and food-related news) from Lexington, Kentucky, which has been my home for the past dozen years.

Almost everything that you’ll read or see here has some connection to carriages or carriage-driving. Part of my job at the CAA is to promote interest in and knowledge of our shared horse-drawn history and the sport of carriage driving. So I research, write, and post tidbits here on the blog for all of you (CAA members and non-members alike), and I design the CAA’s magazine (The Carriage Journal) and other CAA publications.

But, when it comes to horses and carriages, the research, writing, and photography are things I do for fun as well. Believe it or not, I was a horse-crazy kid who started taking photos in high school and never stopped. I then went off to college for a degree in history and, to top it off, have always wanted to work for a magazine. I think I’ve found my niche, and I hope you’ll enjoy exploring it with me.

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For more than fifty years, the Carriage Association of America has studied, preserved, and shared the history and traditions of carriage driving. Through the CAA’s efforts — our magazine, The Carriage Journal; our biennial academic journal, World on Wheels; our other publications; and a variety of meetings, conferences, events, and symposia — association members and the general public can learn about carriages and sleighs, harness, carriage-driving history, early American roads, traditional turnout and livery, and much more.

3 Responses to “about”

  1. Kris Key Says:

    I love your site. Great images!

  2. Carol Dunbar Says:

    You echo my childhood…and though I raise Gypsies and love driving, I do not work for a magazine, but certainly enjoy the Journal and your blog!

  3. Your story ‘too little piggies’ is about members of my family, the Sam Watson you mentioned married my fathers half sister Marie Euegene Gertrude Marillat, born London 1886,she had been a dancer in London useing the stage name’Marie La France’.She meet and married Sam, them moved to Ameriaca and started the farmyard circus. Any other lnformation including photos would be very helpfull. Many thanks Mr Edward Marillat

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