… is done (finally), and all the files are in the printer’s hands. Yesterday, I was scrambling to get it finished, burned to DVD, and dropped off at FedEx, and completely forgot to post anything here. And it turns out that I may not have the finished cover to share with you quite as soon as I had promised. Our friendly printer, who is just up near Cincinnati, usually drives to the Horse Park with the proofs (at which time I can scan the proof of the cover), but we’ll be reviewing PDF proofs for this issue. Why, you ask? Because the Horse Park’s entrance and parking lot are going to be a mad-house tomorrow, as BOTH BreyerFest and the North American Junior / Young Riders Championships are here this weekend. We convinced Henry that it would be wiser not to try to get in to see us.

And he’s lucky that I made it to FedEx last night to ship off the DVD of magazine files …

While I was doing one last proof of everything, yesterday evening — correcting a last few mistakes and typos and the like — a severe thunderstorm blew through the area. First the National Weather Service announcements kept breaking in on the radio, and then the storm siren here at the Horse Park wailed at us, not once, but twice. And then the storm blew in. I could see low-hanging, black clouds; wind whipping the tree branches (coming from the opposite direction of our normal wind); and leafy whirlwinds outside my office window; and I could hear things blowing over and buckets of rain coming down. And top it off, my office lights kept flickering. All I could think was, “Stay on, electricity, stay on!” (as we don’t have a very good track record in that regard here).

But I managed to get everything finished and get the DVD burned and delivered safely to FedEx.

The magazine is scheduled to be mailed to all current CAA members on August 1. Not a member? You can read about the Carriage Association and our magazine here.


… Hey, is that more thunder I hear?