This image …


CAA member Ted Swendson drove his Fjords, three abreast, to his antique sleigh at the 2011 CAA Winter Conference in Minnesota (photo by Else Bigton)


… is included in our photo essay on the 2011 CAA Winter Conference, in the upcoming (March) issue of The Carriage Journal.

Unfortunately, we didn’t have room in the magazine to give too many details about this lovely old sleigh, so I thought we’d do so here.

Ted Swendson (of Calgary, Alberta, Canada) shared this information about his sleigh: It’s a Wagonette Bob-sleigh that was built around 1900. Ted described it as a “true” Bob-sleigh, meaning that the vehicle’s body was meant to be on wheels but was adapted with bobs for driving in the snow (although he believes that this particular vehicle has always had its bobs). Early in its life, this sleigh was used as a taxi in Ontario.

Ted bought this sleigh from the collection of Jack Pemberton of Ontario, and it was Jack who had it restored. The current colors are the same as they were originally, and the upholstery is all original.

Another interesting note: the Canadian government has declared this piece a “heritage” vehicle, which means that Ted is not allowed to sell it outside of Canada.