In the October 2010 issue of The Carriage Journal, I wrote the entry for “The Last Word” (our personal-opinion column, on the last page of each issue). In it, I declared my love of history, genealogy, old photos and, especially, old photos with ancestors in them.

As I said in the column, old photographs may be beautiful and fascinating on their own, but when they have family members in them, we’re able to look our own personal history right in the eye.

I also put out a call for CAA members to share old family photos with carriages in them. We all may enjoy looking at old images of horse-drawn vehicles, but these become so much more interesting when there’s a story attached.

Here’s one I received from Kathy Graves in California:


John William Lill (photo courtesy of Kathy Graves)


Kathy says:

“This photo is of my maternal great grandfather, John William Lill, just above the town of Hood River, Oregon. It is not known if this was a rented turnout, or if he owned it, using it to travel from his home in Hood River to his couple of acres just outside of town, where he raised chickens. The photo is undated, but it most likely was taken sometime after 1900, but before 1916, when my mother was born.”

Thank you, Kathy, for sharing this wonderful photo!