Continuing from yesterday …

“On the morning of the 22nd, I did not awaken as early as usual, my rest of the night having been broken. While I was making my breakfast, I gave the cattle another chance at the grass and then gave grain, after which we moved on.

“It was six o’clock when we left the camp; my road was very rough. Can my carriage stand it? It is doubtful. I led the horse over every stone that I thought would strain the carriage, but as I progressed the road improved. I traveled as fast as I dared and soon came to a small creek; just what I wanted, as the cattle were very thirsty, here I gave them some grain and then moved on and soon came to the railroad, which after crossing I came to a large river, but did not learn its name.

“There being plenty of grass, I concluded to go no further and went info camp, turning the cattle loose to eat as they pleased. I went to the river prospecting and found a junction of two rivers, and made marks to ascertain whether the river was rising or falling. As I went back to the camp I gathered some fuel and made a good large fire, and got me ready a good supper; that is, what I called good. I carry a variety of eatables, so that I had the stuff for a good meal.

“Well, here we are, the four of us: horse, cow, dog, and self. It is just seven o’clock in the evening, on the banks of a river unknown. I secured my cattle, gave them grain, made up my bed, and was about to lie down, when a train of cars came along from Ogden.”