I just found out that the CAA’s “sister organization,” the Carriage Museum of America, has a brand-new Facebook page. If you’re so inclined, please do take a look at their page and give it a “like.”

The CMA isn’t actually a museum, but is in fact a library and archives filled with carriage- and driving-related history, images, and research information. Both the library and archives are housed here in our CAA headquarters, alongside the CAA’s own collection of books.

Many of the images, old prints, and stories that I’ve shared here on the blog have come straight out of the CMA’s collections. I’d like to be able to share even more of these reprints with you … and Mindy (the librarian in charge of the CMA’s collection) has agreed to serve as an occasional guest-blogger here. Between the two of us, we’ll attempt to bring you more history, tidbits, and treasures from the CMA’s and CAA’s collections, so stay tuned!