You’re in luck! Because I forgot to post anything yesterday, I’m a) posting earlier than usual today, and b) offering not one but four old street scenes for you to pore over …

First, we have a view of Main Street in Dayton, Ohio, c. 1904. There isn’t a lot of traffic here, but one delivery vehicle is walking down the street, and several horses are waiting patiently along the sidewalk. There also appears to be a fairly major roadworks project, or some sort of repair work, going on.

Second is a a view of Broadway, with the Flatiron Building in the distance, in New York City, c. 1910. On the street are a streetcar, an automobile, a Hansom Cab, a couple of delivery wagons, and a few other horse-drawn vehicles, including what looks like an open-air Omnibus. On the right-hand side of the street is a woman with a hand-pull cart of some sort. Is she perhaps selling flowers?

Finally, here’s a view of Canal Street in New Orleans, c. 1910. There’s quite a lot of, and a wide variety of, traffic in this image. And, bonus image: here’s a second image of the exact same view, but taken about seven minutes later.

Happy studying!