As I promised last week, I’m implementing a few changes around here!

This blog’s new web address is The new address, however, actually forwards visitors to the blog’s original address (, so both should still work! This means that people can still find us using the old address, or by searching for (or remembering and typing in) the blog’s name — The Slower Road. And it should also mean that the blog’s subscribers won’t notice any changes.

As I mentioned last week, other than the new web address, these three things will change here:

1) I’m planning to (try to) stay a bit more on-topic on this blog;

2) I’ll be taking weekends off, except when I’m reporting on a CAA event or trip; and

3) I’ve replaced my personal Twitter feed (at right) with the “official” CAA account, which is also me but more focused on CAA- and driving-related topics.


If you’d like to keep up with some of my more “off-topic” photos, I hope you’ll visit the official website of my new side business: The Single Frame, LLC.

And if you don’t actually “follow” me on Twitter but were in the habit of checking my Tweets here (hi, Dad!), you can find those on my brand-new blog.

I think that explains everything, but if you have any questions or concerns, please leave a comment or write to me directly at