I’m getting ready to make a few changes around here … but rather than springing them on you with no warning, I wanted to let you know what’s coming.

First, because carriageassociation.wordpress.com is such a long web address, we’ll be changing the blog’s URL to what we hope will be an easier-to-remember address … one that actually matches the name the blog has had for a while now. Soon, you’ll be able to find “The Slower Road” at theslowerroad.com. This should allow people to find the blog online more easily. I do hope this change won’t affect any of our blog subscribers (I’m hoping, in other words, that WordPress will handle the switch for you and you won’t need to re-subscribe … but we’ll see). And all you lovely, loyal, daily blog readers who haven’t subscribed: When I say “go,” please bookmark the blog at its new address.

Second, I’m happy to announce that I’ve started a brand-spanking-new photography business on the side … and I’ll be launching¬†its new website very soon as well. In conjunction with that new website, I’ll be starting my own personal blog. I probably won’t post to that one as often as I do here, but it may have more of the “off-topic” posts I sometimes include here. Which also means that I’m going to try to keep this blog more on-topic. Unless, of course, y’all start clamoring for Univ. of Kentucky basketball news!

As part of these blog changes, I’m going to move my personal Twitter feed (at right) over to the new blog. And I’m going to move the CAA’s “official” Twitter feed (which is also me, but more focused on the CAA, carriages, and driving) to this blog.

And, finally, if you don’t mind, I’m going to stop trying to post something here every. single. day. Instead, I’ll be sticking with every weekday but taking the weekends off, except for those weekends during CAA events, trips, etc. where I’m working.

I’m planning to launch these various new websites and make the various other changes and switcheroos next week. Stay tuned!