We left Mr. Johnson during the morning of the 15th. Much later that same day, he wrote, “On making this place [Monticello station] a little later I stopped, all of us being very tired. I hitched the horse to a telegraph pole, spread my blankets and laid down on them, being very tired I was soon slumbering.

“On the morning of the 16th I was awakened about five o’clock by a passing train and got up. The sun had not yet risen, but I thought it was late. I am a great talker to my cattle, having no one else to speak to, and said, ‘Well, Fanny, how are you this morning? You must want some water about this time?’ I fed them with grain and gave them water, greased the wagon, and went onwards.

“At nine o’clock we reached Tecoma station; this is a telegraph station. On entering the town, on my right I saw a stack of hay and I drove along side of it, giving the cattle a chance to eat, which they did right smart.”