At the end of his visit to Wells, Mr. Johnson included this brief description of the town:

“Wells is situated on the Central Pacific Railroad, about two hundred and twenty miles from Ogden. It is a smart, lively, business town. Large amounts of freight are brought here, left and taken by teams to the mountains and mining camps.

“On entering the town from the west, you travel up Main street; on your left are the railroad and station house; on your right is a long block of buildings, mostly brick. These buildings are mostly occupied by stores, with many kinds of merchandise. Post office, express office, and a hotel with a livery stable. On the side streets are blacksmith, carriage, and harness shops.”


What was once a lively town is now a verrry sleepy-looking town. Unfortunately, an earthquake in 2008 damaged many of the town’s historic buildings. But you can see photos of these, including the ones that Mr. Johnson himself may have seen, at the Wells, Nevada, page on the Roadside Peek website.