Here’s another view of Main Street in Littleton, New Hampshire, again c. 1908.

This photo features a number of horse-drawn vehicles, most of which are drawn by single horses. But parked by the sidewalk in the foreground are both a light delivery wagon, which appears to be hitched to a pair, and a three-seat Summer Resort Wagon hitched to a four-in-hand team.

The Resort Wagon in the photo looks remarkably like this one, from the Elkhart Carriage & Harness Mfg. Company’s 1907 catalog:


Elkhart summer resort wagon


In his Carriage Terminology book, Don Berkebile wrote the following caption to accompany this image:

“This three-seat Platform Wagon or Platform-spring Wagon was called a Summer Resort Wagon by the manufacturer, giving some indication of the uses to which it was put. It was offered with a black body on a red or dark green gear, and imitation leather trimming, for $77.”