… continued from yesterday …

“I went to the shop and asked him if the carriage was done, he said not, but would be soon. About this time there was considerable excitement among the people: the reporter had told it around that there was a man in town who had come from Eureka, California, with a horse, cow, carriage, and dog, on his way East, to Massachusetts, which caused the people to gather around.

“… Later, I went to see if the carriage was done, and finding it ready I went to the printing office and informed the reporter. He, with several others, went to the shop with me. The reporter went up to the man and said, ‘I want to speak to you. You have been doing a job for this man and are charging him ten dollars for it. If I were having the same done you would not have charged me more than half that price or less; you are doing very wrong with this man. He says he has but eleven dollars and forty cents, and he told you the same. It is all he has or can get until he arrives at Ogden. Now, let us come to the point. Will you rob that man and take his money, or half it with him?’

“The wheelwright turning to me said, ‘Give me five dollars, that will do for this time; further, if you will stay until tomorrow morning I will paint the wheel for you and charge nothing for it.’ I agreed to stop over and returned with the reporter; on the way I had to ‘smile’* with him and others. I was pressed with a thousand questions, which I answered and became quite familiar with the people and was frequently pressed to ‘smile’ with them. I expressed anxiety to be with my cattle, or someone might want to borrow and forget to return them. I was told I need not fear, I was too old, too honest, for anyone to harm me. I was a noble man, and a man of great courage to undertake such a journey as I was on.

“They hoped I would get through all safe, and if I did, to let them know. A hat was passed around and the contents given to me, nine dollars and fifty cents were counted out. Someone in the crowd put in fifty cents more, making ten dollars. I think the above incident is worth recording and gives credit to the boys of Battle Mountain.”


* I’m guessing he meant they were having their photo taken … or perhaps the reporter was practicing to be a politician?