Here in Lexington, it snowed all day yesterday. The bright side? It was juuust barely too warm for the snow to stick.

But it got me thinking: Weren’t we well into actual (as opposed to this theoretical) spring by this time last year?

Indeed we were!

Let’s take a little trip down weather-memory lane, courtesy of a few past blog posts …

On March 5, 2012, we experienced winter’s final blast for the year. But then, just ten days later, the weather had warmed up, and trees had started blooming. And a few days after that, the crabapple trees outside my office window (which, right now, have just started budding) were in full bloom. Needless to say, we’re nowhere near the blooming point we were at this time last year.

Will we be lucky this year, and will this late start herald a cooler summer? Fingers crossed.