Continued from yesterday …

“‘Stranger, I hope you will. If you do succeed, just make a book of your journey.’ ‘I will, and you may get hold of one of them.’ ‘I should like to meet you somewhere down East; I would give more to see you in that Barnum’s big show.’ ‘Well, friend, I must be going on, I have got to tramp every day, and make big days at that before I reach the eastern states.’ ‘Well, stranger, I hope you will get safely through; goodbye.’

“It was about seven o’clock when I left him; I kept the railroad on my left. At eleven o’clock, I came to another station, called Brown’s Station. I made but a short stop at this place, just long enough to water and feed. This is a telegraph station; only two buildings, the depot, and a house. At half-past twelve I left and journeyed with the railroad on my left, and as I travel the desert is left behind me, my course now lying through Humboldt valley, the river of that name being on my right. I intended to reach Lovelock’s, but my trail led me so far to the right that I was obliged to return to the railroad, so made Granite Point instead. This station is nothing but a house for the boss of repairs and a shanty for his Chinamen.

“I took the horse from the carriage and fastened her as usual, with the cow opposite. After feeding, I made my bed and laid down, being only disturbed that night by a passing train.”