… “It was about half-past eight o’clock when I reached Mirage. I took Fanny from the carriage and fastened her to the left rear wheel, the cow opposite and gave them water and grain, made up my bed between them and laid down and was soon asleep. Some time in the night I awoke, my watch having run down I could not tell the time; all around was still. On my left at a long distance, I heard the cry of a coyote. I thought it was morning, still I could not see any signs of the sun having risen.

“I laid down and thought to sleep but could not. I spoke to my horse, ‘Fanny, are you asleep?’ She at once got up and I gave her some grain. This brought up Bessie; she wanted some too, so I gave her some and both were busily eating. Looking eastward, I was sure I saw a light and thought it must be morning and so made ready for moving forward. The light I saw was only about the width of my hand.”