… “About 6 p.m., there were a large number of the citizens of the town around, asking me many questions, all appeared anxious about our journey. One said, ‘Friend traveler, when do you leave us?’ ‘I propose to leave tomorrow morning, early.’ ‘Since your arrival, and knowing your intentions, being obliged to remain here on account of your cow, you have given us something to think and talk about when you have gone. This is a new and wonderful undertaking; a man of your age, journeying from ocean to ocean, from California to Massachusetts, with a horse, carriage, cow in the rear, and dog jumping in and out of the carriage at pleasure, and yourself a man of sixty-five years, or thereabouts. I repeat, it is a wonderful undertaking. I, for one, will daily look in the papers to learn of your whereabouts; I hope and pray that you may be safely carried through; you will need a strong arm of protection, and hope you will be protected night and day. Stranger, you appear to be a man of strong nerve; if you falter in the least you certainly will fail in this undertaking.’

“A man in the crowd sang out, ‘Three cheers for the man from California going east to Massachusetts,’ which were given with a will. ‘Strangers to me you all were, but now friends. On my arrival I at once made for a blacksmith’s shop, so anxious was I to get shoes on the feet of my cow. On my way I had tried to get her shod, but could not. I was told at Webber’s Lake that here I could get her shod. Therefore, I was anxious to reach this place. Now she has iron shoes on all her feet, and I hope she will be able to wear them out. Tomorrow morning I intend to leave you. Ladies and gentlemen, I believe your sympathies are with me. I believe this, for you have been kind to me and befriended me in many ways. To you, stranger, in particular I feel grateful, and I am sure my cattle are, for the grass you so kindly offered me for them. There is another person to whom I wish to express my gratitude, but I do not see him here, I mean the depot master, for allowing me to sell my milk to passengers on the passing trains, to him I give my thanks. And thanks also to you all, farewell.”