continued from yesterday

“Turning to the crowd I said: ‘Gentlemen, you see the condition in which I am placed; being obliged to stop a few days. Where can I get grass for my cattle? I prefer grass to hay as they have been fed mostly on grass during my journey.’ ‘Stranger, I have grass and a grass cutter, and you may have all your cattle can eat as long as you stay and I won’t charge you a dime.’ ‘Friend, where is your grass?’ ‘One house this side of where you stopped this morning; I will show you.’

“I led the cow by the halter, but it was no use, she could scarce walk, and she laid down; I got a pail of cold water and poured it upon her hooves continuously for several hours. About six o’clock, I took my horse and carriage and went to the man’s lot for grass, but had not been there very long before the cow came into the yard. ‘Well, Bessie, you have done finely. Did you think that we had left you? No, we only came for grass for you, and you shall have some,’ I said to the cow. I gave her the grass, which she ate greedily as she lay down. I continued to pour cold water on her feet, rubbing her ankles and legs occasionally.

“The whole town knew where I was and in what condition; many came to see me and learn my intentions. Ten thousand questions were asked and answered.

“The time had arrived for milking, her bag was hard-full, I got a pail and went to the cow, and said ‘Bessie, you must be milked, then you will feel more comfortable. Get up and let me milk you.’ She got up and I milked her, filling the pail. ‘Good Bessie, you have done well; lie down and I will bathe your feet.’ She lay down and I bathed her feet. All I said to her she understood; she could not talk but made motions that I understood.

“I carried the milk into the house and offered it to the lady; she was reluctant to take it, saying that she did not know what to do with so much milk.” …