[continued from yesterday]

“The doctor turned to his visitors and said, ‘Gentlemen, this man is from the northwestern part of the state, Eureka city, and is going to Massachusetts with a horse, carriage, cow, and dog; a long journey.’ ‘Yes, a very long journey; do you think you can make it?’ ‘I do.’ ‘You will never be able to take that cow all that distance; if you do, you will stand on the top ladder of fame.’ ‘Sirs, if I can get the cow shod with iron shoes, I shall succeed; but if not I am afraid I shall not succeed. I have not been able to get her shod as yet. I have had her feet seared four times and they are getting small.’ ‘What do you mean by getting her feet seared?’

“[I explained,] ‘Take a flat piece of hoop iron, heat it red hot, then take up the foot and rub the red hot iron over the bottom of the hoof; that is the way the Spaniards shoe their cattle.’ ‘Now, friend, I will tell you where you will get your cow shod. But a few days ago, when passing a blacksmith’s shop in Reno, I saw the blacksmith shoeing an ox; this I know, for I saw it done. When you get there you can have your cow shod with iron shoes.’ ‘How far is it to Reno?’ ‘It is about forty-five miles.’ ‘It will take me two days to travel thereto; what kind of a road is it?’ ‘It is a good road. When you get to the four corners, take your left and you will have a good road to the valley. Do not keep straight on as that is the old trail; when you get there you will come into the turnpike that leads to Truckee, as you strike this road turn sharp to your left.’

“‘Doctor, are you troubled with wild game at night?’ ‘There are some around, but seldom come near here. If we kept sheep we should have them around continually; the coyote and wolf are terrors for sheep.’ ‘How is the wildcat?’ ‘The wildcat is the smartest animal we have; they will drive the wolf away every time, they are not as heavy but very quick and active; I have seen the wolf and cat fight. The cat will jump on and off the wolf and the wolf does not care to be scratched to pieces by the cat.’ I now left the doctor, went to camp and made ready for the night, securing my cattle, and went to bed.”