I’ve spent part of yesterday, and much of today, cleaning and reorganizing my office. So, once again, I’ve had little time to prepare anything to share with you here.

But I received a fabulous gift today: three old driving-related postcards from England. I’ll be sharing two of them with you next week. The third is a Christmas postcard. And, in the midst of my cleaning and filing today, I found two more old Christmas cards that I’d squirreled away with some other old prints. So I’ll have all three of those ready and waiting in the wings for this year’s Christmas-time look at old cards and postcards.

In the meantime, here (although this is a bit embarrassing) is a “before” photo of my office …



…. aaaaagggghhhhh. Is there even a desk under all that??

I’m excited to report that I’m nearly finished with this project and that I’ll be neatly arranged and organized. I’ll share an “after” photo next week.