A.J. and I both got new phones for Christmas, to replace our antiquated Blackberries. Mine, for instance, had less-than-full-featured versions of Facebook and Twitter, what I liked to call the “fake” Internet, and a really crappy camera. (It’s amazing what we become accustomed to, though, isn’t it? Not that long ago, my phone was just a phone.)

But now he has a fancy schmancy iPhone, and I have an equally fancy schmancy non-iPhone. With “real” Internet; a big, glorious, crystal clear screen, a fantastic camera … and a few apps, including WordPress.

Soooo, even though we still don’t have (computer-based) Internet at our house, in a pinch, I can now do blog posts from my phone. Fairly short, uncomplicated ones at least — I am typing with my thumbs, after all — but still. Right now? I’m sitting on the couch with the cat on my lap.

And to prove my point about the new camera, here’s a photo I took earlier today of the beautiful (carriage-related) stamp that came on a Christmas card from friends in Bermuda.