Here in the CAA office, we spent most of today sticking mailing tabs on our annual CAA book & gift catalogs so that we can mail them to CAA members. Each catalog (folded into a “self mailer”) needs four tabs … so with stacks and stacks of catalogs to be mailed … well, you get the idea. Naturally, I ran out of time to prepare a proper blog post.

But we finished the massive project, so if you’re a current CAA member, look in your mailbox early next week for your 2012 catalog!

This year’s catalog features books on carriages, driving, horses & training, history, art, harness, and more. Plus: the “gift” section of the catalog features calendars, CAA jackets and caps, CAA tote bags, and a gorgeous selection of scarves.

If you’re not a member but would like a catalog anyway, just give me your mailing address (write to me at, and I’ll gladly send you one.