Are you up for a few more old street scenes? I hope you enjoy these …

1) the post office on Chestnut Street in Philadelphia, c. 1904, with three horse-drawn vehicles: a tank truck of some sort, a Hansom Cab, and what looks like a coachman-driven vehicle (a Brougham, perhaps?)

2) Washington Street in Boston, c. 1906 (don’t miss the salesman advertising “Daniel’s Horse Colic Cure” on his umbrella!)

3) the Seelbach Hotel, on Fourth Street in Louisville, c. 1907

4) the Astor House Hotel, at Vesey Street and Broadway (New York), c. 1908

5) Fourth Street in Cincinnati, c. 1910

6) Genesee and Bleecker Streets in Utica, New York, c. 1910