Here are links to more wonderful old photos with driving horses. (And you’ve figured out by now that you can scroll up and down and side to side to see every bit of these huge photos, right?)

1) at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge, c. 1901

2) piers at the foot of Wall Street, New York, c. 1905 (with a lovely Colgate & Co. wagon)

3) Easter lilies for sale in New York, c. 1905, with horse-drawn cabs and the flower vendor’s wagon by the sidewalk and a streetcar “speeding” by

4) crossing the Kentucky River on a ferry at High Bridge, Kentucky, c. 1907

5) workers loading a wagon at a granite quarry in Concord, New Hampshire, c. 1908


This website is rapidly becoming one of my favorites, so expect more links to more old photos!