Quite a few of my friends, co-workers, and people I follow on Twitter are either British or Anglophiles. So I’ve been hearing, seeing, and reading quite a lot about this Jubilee weekend: its parties, processions, concerts, and events, even the weather (yesterday’s looked miserable, cold and wet).

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, the horse-and-carriage procession through London is scheduled for tomorrow. If the weather improves, the Queen will ride in an open carriage. By tomorrow morning here, the horses and carriages will have already processed, so I’ll find some photos and videos to post.

Yesterday was the Thames procession, with the royal barge and more than a thousand other vessels on the river, and mobs of spectators along the banks. Click here for the story, a couple of wonderful photos, and a really lovely video of highlights from the procession (turn up the volume on your computer to hear the music, the cheering crowds, the bells, and the fireworks!).