This past weekend, one week after the Royal Windsor Horse Show, Windsor (the castle and the town) witnessed a huge military parade in honor of HM The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. The military units, bands, and singers all ended up in the horse show’s main arena, where we had watched the Jubilee Pageant the week before. The highlight of the day was a military-aircraft fly-over, which must’ve looked and sounded rather spectacular.

And for a YouTube tour of some highlights from our week in Windsor: there’s a professional video with views of the FEI-driving marathon, an amateur video of the talented and funny New Zealand Army Band, another professional video that offers a quick look back at the horse show and pageant, and Hoefnet’s video of Boyd Exell’s dressage test (in the pouring rain). Hoefnet has quite a few more videos on their YouTube channel (here). Just scroll down to the “CAI-A Windsor 2012” videos for dressage tests, marathon obstacles, and portions of the cones competion. Enjoy!

Throughout the rest of this week, I’ll continue with Windsor-related blog posts, as I still have LOTS more photos to share.