Our trip to Windsor started perfectly, when we managed to fit all of our cold- and wet-weather clothes and shoes, and all of our other supplies for a week in England, into two suitcases and two carry-on bags (one for each of us). Then, we had the quickest, easiest, friendliest, and least crowded check-in and trip through security that either of us have ever had an airport other than Lexington’s. And, as if that weren’t enough, the largest and heaviest of our two checked suitcases weighed in at 49 pounds.

The perfection continued when we arrived at Heathrow and had literally four people in front of us in the passport control line, and that after the horror stories we’d been hearing lately of three-hour delays.

And the sun even came out this afternoon! Let’s hope all this perfection and lovely weather carries forward through the week … fingers crossed!


Windsor Castle’s Round Tower, with the Royal Standard flying and a beautiful blue sky and impressive clouds overhead (photo by A.J.)


Tomorrow, we’re going to tour Windsor Castle. And in the afternoon, the CAA group has afternoon tea not once but twice. (The group is so large that Jill’s broken it down into two smaller groups for the getting-to-know-you teas.)