Yesterday was the Royal Andalusian Carriage Club’s annual carriage exhibition in the bullring in Seville, Spain. I say it’s an annual event, but this was the first time since 2008 that it was actually held as planned.

The first year that we had a CAA trip to Seville, in 2009, to visit private carriage collections and the feria and to see the carriage exhibition, the exhibition was rained out and cancelled.

The next year, I went back to Seville again, to try to see exhibition. Again. Believe it or not, it was rained out. Again!

Last year, we had another CAA group in Seville, to visit more carriage collections and, we hoped, to finally see the carriage exhibition.

But what happened? Rain. Again. The sand surface of the bullring was deemed too wet to accommodate all the horses and carriages, so the exhibition turned into a hastily organized parade in the street (you can see more photos here). The parade was impressive and beautiful.

But after three tries, I still haven’t managed to see the carriage exhibition in the bullring.

I’ve heard that yesterday’s weather was perfect, so I’m looking forward to seeing photos of this year’s event!

UPDATE: Almost as soon as I posted this, Bart sent a link to sixteen gorgeous photos from yesterday’s exhibition. Thanks, Bart!