It seems to me that I haven’t posted anything here lately about our Univ. of KY basketball team, so if you’ll indulge me in an 0ff-topic post for today* …

After an exciting, but late Friday-night game, and an equally exciting Sunday-afternoon game, our Wildcats are back in the Final Four in the NCAA tournament. Their Final Four game is this coming Saturday evening in New Orleans and, just to ratchet the tension up a notch or two (or several hundred) we’re playing our in-state rivals, the Univ. of Louisville’s Cardinals. I can’t even begin to imagine how charged the atmosphere will be — not just here in Lexington, but across the state — on Saturday.

If the Cats win on Saturday evening, we’re planning to walk the short distance from our house over to campus or downtown to see the festivities.

Go Cats!!!!

* I’ll warn you right now that I hope to be posting one or more of these similarly off-topic posts next week!