… on Facebook, that is?

You can find the Carriage Association in three separate locations on the Internet.

First, the CAA has a rather ancient website, which we’re in the process of revamping. Later this  year, it will sport a new look and some new and improved functionality. It will still have all the same useful information that’s there now, plus more. 

And, of course, we have this blog, which I (try to) update every day … with carriage- and driving-related things, most of the time.

But did you know that we’re on Facebook as well? You can find our FB page here. Earlier today, I posted on our page a bunch of fabulous old photos that my FB friend Albert Arnhem (in Holland) had shared. If you haven’t already found us on Facebook, we hope you’ll “like” us and join in the fun. And enjoy Albert’s photos!