… we’re faced this morning with a mostly empty room in the Williamsburg Lodge. Most of the tables, etc. are in place, and we (and others) will be setting up trade-fair booths, the registration table, tonight’s welcome reception, etc.

And I realized, late last night / early this morning, that I totally neglected to post anything yesterday. Sorry for the lapse.

Yesterday was a rather full travel day for several of us. Katharine and I drove to our little Lexington airport, waited for our flight, flew to Charlotte, ate a late lunch and waited some more, flew to Richmond, and then waited for Ken to arrive on his later flight, as he was the one who’d rented the car. We had a fourth person joining us for the drive, plus all our luggage, of course. And that’s when we started playing “Goldilocks and the Three Bears.” The first rental car that we thought was ours, parked as it was in the correct space, was probably big enough but wouldn’t open. The car next to it, which kept flashing its lights as we tried to open the first car, turned out to be the one we had the keys for. But it was much, much too small … the largest among our pile of suitcases wouldn’t even fit in the “trunk.” So we got a larger car, and all four of us and all of our luggge fit into that one. Success! And away we went.

As I’ve mentioned, today is set-up day, and the symposium begins in earnest tomorrow, with the first lecture at 9:00 a.m.