To any U.S. readers who are seeing this on Thursday: Happy Thanksgiving!

Today, of course, is about two things: giving thanks and food.

Here in Lexington, we’re blessed with a fabulous weekly farmers’ market, wonderful local farmers, and an abundance of local restaurants that serve delicious (and, often, locally sourced) food. If you like eating food when it’s in season and at its most delicious, it’s both easy and rewarding to eat and shop locally here in the Bluegrass.

One of our favorite local stores, where we can get all kinds of good food and good ingredients, both delicious and healthy, is the Good Foods Market & Cafe. Stella Parks, a (splendid) pastry chef and food blogger, wrote a great blog post on Good Foods, which you can read here.

In honor of the day, I’d like to take a moment to thank a few of our favorite local farmers and local businesses for the delicious, healthy food they offer:

Elmwood Stock Farm, for their fabulous vegetables, berries (including the world’s best strawberries), salsa, eggs, beef, chicken, turkey, lamb, and heritage-breed turkeys;

Henkle’s Herbs and Heirlooms for their wide variety of delicious heirloom tomatoes, and Velvet’s salsa fresca and homemade chicken salad;

Bleugrass Chevre for the best-ever goats’ milk cheese; and

Reed Valley Orchard for their stunning assortment of amazing apples, blackberries, and pears.

And there are others, too: producers of fresh, homemade pasta; irresistable chocolate truffles; delicious homemade scones; milk that’s better than any other you’ve tried; wonderful loaves of hearty, old-world-style breads; and more.

Our thanks to all of you!

… and Happy Eating!!