Jill sent this second report on the CAA group’s visit to Argentina:

“On Sunday, after a relaxed morning of riding or walking at will through the spectacular park at Estancia Bella Vista and enjoying lunch, we packed up our van again and departed for Tandil, to the south / southwest.


the view from the back of Estancia Bella Vista (photo by Jill Ryder)


“Tandil is a hilly area (the only hills in Buenos Aires province), and we drove four hours before climbing a steep dirt road and arriving at Amaike, our home for the night. This new hotel overlooks a valley and is spectacular. We enjoyed a group dinner (empanadas, sausage, salads, beef and finally lamb, all prepared on an open fire outside) and all went to bed early.

“On Tuesday, we visited what can only be described as the finest carriage and appointments collection to be seen anywhere. Years ago my father, Tom Ryder, had visited Argentina and was enthralled with what he found here. He took photos and notes of all the wonderful vehicles, and two years after he passed away and my sister and I sorted out his house, we found these photos and notes. When I last visited Argentina two years ago, I brought the appropriate photos/notes to the Fox family. They were so delighted that they made a DVD of all the information, and we enjoyed the “premiere” of the film today. I was presented with a copy for the CAA library. Wonderful.

“At the end of our fabulous visit, we loaded up, made the somewhat hazardous drive across the field again and found the main road, drove two hours and arrived in the small town of General La Madrid and the Hotel Europa. We arrived wet and muddy, but happy. It turns out this delightful hotel is owned by an Argentine couple who had lived for two years in England and spoke perfect English. They had a small but super restaurant, and we all enjoyed a great evening, topped off by a bottle of champagne provided by the owner, Antonio, at 11:00 p.m.!
“Today (Wednesday), the rain has changed our plans. Although the weather this morning was wonderful, with the sun shining and a great temperature, there was so much rain yesterday that the thirty kilometers of dirt roads to the estancias we were to visit today are now impassable. So we will stay here most of the morning and slowly make our way north to Pehuajo. We are working on finding another local bus to take us tomorrow to our estancia,  which is miles and miles on dirt roads. Fingers crossed.”