Last week, I mentioned our upcoming academic symposium on horse-drawn carriages and transportation, which will be held at Colonial Williamsburg (Virginia), January 11-15, 2012.

Well, the brochures arrived today from the printer, and we’ll be getting them out in the mail very soon to all current CAA members. But everyone is welcome to join us at the symposium, member or no!


There will be ample free time to explore Colonial Williamsburg, plus these fascinating lectures:

“London and the Cab Trade” – Richard James (England)

“Dressing the State Coach: Comfortable Interiors and Elegant Hammercloths” – Susan Niederberger (Switzerland)

“Royal Coaches and Carriages of Sweden: A Second Look” – Gösta Kylsberg (Sweden)

“Runabouts by the Hundreds: Mifflinburg Becomes ‘Buggy Town’” – Bronwen Anderson-Sanders (USA)

“U.S. Army Transport: The Development of the Great Blue Army Wagon” – Thomas Lindmier (USA)

“The Selective Breeding of Driving Horses, 1500 to the Present Day” – Andres Furger (France)

“American Wagons: Rediscovering the Wheels that Won the West” – David Sneed (USA)

“Between Pomp and Understatement: Carriages of the Holy Roman and Austrian Emperors” – Monica Kurzel-Runtscheiner (Austria)

“Sledge-riding in the Off-road World: English Descriptions of Winter Travel in 16th- and 17th-century Russia” – Alexander Sotin (Russia)

Le Parfait Cocher: A User’s Guide to Driving in Eighteenth-century France” – Mark F. Schneider (USA)

“The Conservation of the Lafayette Coach” – Brian Howard (USA)

“Miss Daisy Goes Driving: Carriages and Gender” – Suzanne Beauvais (Canada)

“Horse-drawn Commercial Vehicles in the American Industrial City” – Thomas Kinney (USA)

“The [British] Royal Mews: Setting the Bar for Correct Ceremonial Turnout” – Colin Henderson (England)


For a full-color brochure, with more information on the CAA & CWF’s third International Carriage Symposium, click here. To download a registration form, click here.