This morning, Wendy wrote to say that we didn’t have a report from her yesterday because the Internet in Lipica crashed overnight.

For her Friday report, she writes:

Singles are finshed now and our Team USA members are in third! Michael and Chester are very proud and we are now watching the teams drive this afternoon so I’ll report back later.

I rode on Randy’s carriage for dressage. We started out walking out to the training field past the golf course, then wound our way down to the first holding ring, which is a nice sand dressage arena in front of the stallion barn surrounded by a 6-foot hedge. There were three drivers warming up together, then ten minutes before our test, we were released to the last arena next to the barn. It is a tiny ridden arena — 20 m by 60 m — but it has the same footing and the sounds of the main arena. If I stood up on her carriage, I could see the jumbotron over the stands and could tell what movement the person in front of her was on. I told her when he did his final salute so she could be prepared for the loud applause. Randy’s sister, Keady, was there for her every step of the way, as was navigator Tristan Aldrich, coach Michael Freund, chef d’equipe Chester Weber, and vet Lisa Castenella. They went with each driver as they did with us, giving last-minute help and moral support. The USEF’s director of driving, Lizzie Staller, and her assistant, Elizabeth Keathley, have been in the stands both days keeping track of scores and reporting the judges’ scoring trends. All the other U.S. drivers and American fans have been helping each other and cheering each other on. What a great support crew!