Jill’s report from Saturday at Walnut Hill:

After such nice weather for several days, Saturday turned hot and humid again, and it lasted all day!

The first class of the day was the Single Pony Cross-country Obstacles (this class was so large that it was divided into three groups, with each run one after the other and then all pinned at the end). This all took over an hour, so we saw the tandems come in just after 9:00 a.m.

We saw the coaches again today, plus the multiples, the Park Wicker Phaetons, lots of singles and pairs, and miniature horses. Some of the divisions completed their classes and championships were awarded.

On Saturday evening, the show held its competitors’ dinner in a large tent on the showgrounds. Unfortunately, Mother Nature decided to rain just as dinner started, which was not really a problem as everyone was under cover.

Today started at 9:00 a.m. with the three-mile drive off the showgrounds, to a local park and back. Hundreds of people usually line the roads to watch, and some people host brunch in their front yard and entertain friends. It is a great tradition at Walnut Hill.