Even though the big day was yesterday, I offer the following guest post by Martha Miles, in honor of Valentine’s Day:

Valentine for a Coachman

by Martha Miles

Valentine’s Day often takes us away from our sweethearts, an experience that drivers in the transportation business have had for centuries. Nearly 200 years ago, in 1826, this affectionate Valentine appeared in a tiny booklet published in London. It captures a coachman’s feelings for a laundry maid as he sees her at work. Perhaps you’d like to share it with someone you love this February.

From a Coachman to a Laundry Maid:

Early this morning at the tub,
I heard you sing, and saw you scrub;
The rising suds were seen to flow
About your arm like driven snow;
I smack’d my whip, and drove away,
But gave a blessing to the day–
That made you my fair Valentine,
And hope in wedlock you’ll be mine.

The answer:

I heard you give your whip a smack,
Peep’d out, but only saw your back–
So nice you mount the box and drive,
You are the smartest lad alive;
I write to say that I incline,
To take you for a Valentine.