Borrowed from the January 1904 issue of The Carriage Monthly:

The fashion plate illustration [below] represents the Duncan & Fraser’s Carriage Works and Motor-Car Factory, Franklin Street, Adelaide, South Australia, one of the largest of the kind in Australasia. They cover nearly an acre of land, and are just now adding additional premises close by their present works to overtake the pressure of business.

Forty years ago [i.e., 1864] the works were started by James Duncan and James Fraser. Mr. Fraser died fifteen years ago, Mr. Duncan carrying on the business and eventually taking his four sons into partnership. Nearly every kind of vehicle that goes on wheels has been made by the firm. Forty years ago the English style of carriages were almost exclusively in use in Australia. The advantages of a new country for American wagons and buggies revolutionized the trade, while the high-class English carriages are still used to a considerable extent by well-to-do people.

Duncan & Fraser introduced the rubber tire for carriages and buggies into Australia, and have put on some hundreds of sets, with very gratifying results.

Twenty years ago [i.e., 1884] the firm constructed the first of the American pattern railway carriages that were used on the government railways, and a great deal of rolling stock, comprising carriages, goods, stock, timber, and other carriages were made, until the government department undertook the construction of its own rolling stock.

They have made some hundreds of tram cars on John Stevenson’s well-known pattern, and supplied a great many for the suburbs of Melbourne and all the rolling stock for Ballarat (Victoria) Tramway System. They have just finished a contract for first installment of the Bendigo (Victoria) Electric Tramways.

Under the supervision of R. A. Duncan, an electric business has been conducted for a number of years.

The motor-car department, which is growing to very satisfactory proportions, is under his supervision. They look to this department becoming a big thing.

They have had gratifying success in their introduction of the Oldsmobiles, and have a number of orders for cars to arrive.

They have also secured the agency for the Orient Motor Buckboard. The senior partner of this firm (James Duncan) has visited the United States twice within the past six years, on which tours he visited all the larger carriage factories and automobile plants. He took occasion to closely study our methods, machinery and appliances, and has introduced many changes in his home factory as a result of his investigations. Mr. Duncan has also visited Canada and England, and is regarded at home and abroad as one of the most advanced carriage builders in the world.


"Duncan & Fraser's Carriage Works and Motor-Car Factory, Franklin St., Adelaide, South Australia" (from the Jan. 1904 issue of The Carriage Monthly)