Today is the first business day of 2011 (Monday, Jan. 3), and my first day with Internet access since the end of last week.

When I logged on to WordPress this morning to check in on the blog, I saw that the WP folks are challenging their bloggers to post more often. For those who haven’t published a post in a long time, or who don’t publish posts very often, the challenge is to post something once a week.

Heh, I thought. That’s too easy, as I’m already in the habit of publishing several posts each week.

Instead, I’ve signed on for WP’s “Post a Day” challenge.

That’s right. I’m going to (attempt to) publish a new blog post every day in 2011! I do have one important caveat, however: I don’t usually have Internet access on weekends / holidays, so this will more likely be an every-business-day thing.

It’s true that some posts will be quite short: perhaps a single photo, or another wonderful old video. But my goal will be to give you something new to read / look at every weekday during the upcoming year. Wish me luck, and keep on reading!