If you’ve been reading this blog for the past year or more (or if you’ve scrolled back through all the many “WEG 2010” posts) … you’ll know that I’ve been watching — and sharing with you — the progress over all that time on the construction of the marathon obstacles.

Other than a couple of references to individual people as they happened to show up in the photos, I’ve concentrated mostly on bits and pieces of the obstacles themselves and not on who’s been building them. So you’ve been left to wonder who built all those beautiful (and beautifully constructed) obstacles, haven’t you?

After the WEG driven dressage last Friday, a few of us photographers — and the course-building crew — gathered for a tour of some of the completed obstacles and a fun photo shoot in their work area.

hamming it up for the photographers and showing off their machinery: the marathon-course-building crew is, left to right, Levi Ryckewart, Aaron Beale, Mick Costello, Aaron Rust, Lenny Courtemanche, Dave Leonard, Isaac Bingham, and Tobiah Bingham


the builders basically invented the unique shape and construction method for the logs at the Squirrel Grove; left to right: Aaron Rust, Mick Costello, and Aaron Beale


the Bingham brothers (Tobiah on the left and Isaac on the right, with Lenny Courtemanche between them) created and constructed the decorative “crazy quilt” pattern of smaller branches between the larger logs in Spook Hollow


Isaac Bingham shows off the widemouth bass he carved (with a chainsaw!) for one of the two water obstacles