This is just a quick Thursday evening update to say that I’ll be starting to back off a bit from the frenzy of once-a-day or even several-times-a-day postings to the blog. With the WEG competitions over and the WEG infrastructure being packed up and carted away, there’s a lot of “regular” work to do here in the CAA office. So I’ll be settling back into my more usual several-times-a-week blog posting.

But I hope you’ll keep checking in.

I have a couple more WEG-related stories planned.

And if you’re a regular reader of the blog (or if you read my recent mention of the tent line for Big Blue Madness tickets) … you’ll know to expect occasional reports on the University of Kentucky basketball team. The first of those reports may appear sooner than you would think it ought to, as basketball season obviously hasn’t started yet. But UK’s Big Blue Madness is TOMORROW night, and we have tickets!!

Otherwise, you can look forward to posts with old photos of carriages; stories on carriage- and driving-related history, destinations; interviews with people in the driving world; and more. Stay tuned!