A few tidbits for this Thursday (Day 6 at the Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games):

I had previously mentioned having heard that about 40,000 school kids were expected to visit the World Equestrian Games this week. Wrong. According to this morning’s edition of the Lexington Herald-Leader (our local newspaper), the actual total is closer to a whopping 52,000! It looks (and sounds) like a great number of them are here at the Games today.

I’m sorry I didn’t have my camera with me a few moments ago, as two Dutch fans (you can always recognize that particular shade of orange in a shirt) walked by the CAA’s front door, toward the Indoor Stadium, which is featuring the individual finals in Reining right now … they were wearing the world’s most enormous, orange (of course) foam cowboy hats!

Some scenes from yesterday evening:

the completed decorative “wrap” on the Main Stadium, glowing a bit in the evening light and reflecting in the lake … remember the Land Rover on the floating platform? it’s been floated closer to this end of the stadium and had its platform decorated

another Jon Carloftis-designed garden in the trade fair / exhibition area; this one is in the center of the Kentucky Experience

a horse sculpture in a corner of the KY Experience garden

this photo is a bit dark, but see all the people?? this was at about 7 p.m.: the official closing time for the trade fair, but many vendors still seemed to be doing brisk business

And, finally, we interrupt your regularly scheduled program to bring you this news:

(Those of you who are regular followers of this blog will know by now that I do occasionally throw in a few posts, during the appropriate season, regarding our University of Kentucky basketball team. I’m sorry, but I can’t help it … we Lexingtonians are really excited about our Wildcats these days.)

Tickets go on sale Saturday for Big Blue Madness, which is the end-of-October first “official” practice for the basketball teams, and when the new additions to the team for that year are introduced to the Wildcat fans. The event is held in Rupp Arena (where the UK men’s basketball team plays its home games), which holds more than 20,000 people. As I understand it, the tickets for Big Blue Madness are quite inexpensive, but they go verrry quickly and mostly to UK students. The new BBM tradition on UK’s campus is to wait in line to buy tickets. Some people wait in line so long that a tent village springs up, and people camp out for days. I think it was yesterday morning that UK officials permitted the “line” to start forming (tickets don’t go on sale until Saturday, remember), and there were several hundred tents set up by yesterday afternoon. If this year is anything like last year, the “line” will grow to impressive dimensions by the weekend. Last year, the basketball coach and players came out on several occasions to meet the campers, hand out pizza, and generally thank everyone for being there. And, as my husband is fond of saying … all this for a *practice*!  Go Cats!!

And we’ll now return to our regularly scheduled program … the next post will be either WEG- or horse-related. I promise.