Were you by any chance at the Lexington Junior League Horse Show this July to see the Concours d’Elegance? Or did you read about it here on this blog? Or, surely, you’ve heard about it??

Then you know all about the circus wagons, right?


Well …

Michele Macfarlane (Scripps Miramar Ranch in California) has an entire troup of circus wagons, ponies (or possibly Minis), clowns, and dancers, even a working calliope and a poodle. All of these (although I don’t know about the poodle) will be in the WEG opening ceremony tonight. I’ve heard about the show, but I can’t wait to see it in person.

As the ponies are stabled, and the vehicles stored, with the VIP-parade horses and carriages, I was able to get a few preview photos yesterday evening:

a row of circus wagons next to the temporary stabling, in the early evening

a close-up of one of the lions on the calliope

the other end of the same row of wagons as above, later in the evening

several of the “circus” performers getting ready in the near-dark