… which would make this, what?  … “first WEG Thursday” … I think. I am slightly dismayed to be losing track already of which day it is, as the Games don’t actually start until tomorrow!

At any rate, a few things I saw around the grounds (or town) yesterday:

1. There are several of these lovely three-sided towers going up. One side is a sponsor’s ad, one side (as shown here) is a timetable of the entire WEG, and the third side is an extremely handy map, with keys, and a helpful “You Are Here” sign in yellow. We’d been wondering whether there would be maps available … and, while these aren’t exactly portable, they certainly are a help.

timetables! … and a map!

2. A Land Rover … in the middle of the lake.

a few days ago, I had seen some guys building this platform, on the shore … didn’t realize what it was meant for until I saw this

3. Hanging on light poles along Newtown Pike, the main road leading from Lexington to the Horse Park: signs saying, “Welcome” in a multitude of languages. And flags of multiple countries, flying at the McDonald’s closest to the Park.

4. Another unbelievably beautiful rising harvest moon … more on that in a bit.