On tap for yesterday evening: a full rehearsal for tomorrow’s opening ceremony.

I mostly stayed in the “Back 40” to watch our CAA members get themselves and their horses ready to go. The horses are in temporary tent stabling that’s been set up by the side of the main road and is surrounded by trailers, construction equipment, and piles of stuff. The horses are troopers, I’d say, for putting up with it all so calmly.

Leading the VIP parade is Tom Burgess, driving his pair of Friesians to a Spider Phaeton. He will have one VIP with him, but I’m not sure who that will be.

one of Tom’s horses, about to be harnessed

… and being harnessed

putting the pair to the carriage

Tom, adjusting his top hat

Next up in the order is Marilyn Macfarlane, who will have several VIPs on her coach.

Marilyn’s horses, lined up between their temporary stabling and some rather large construction equipment, waiting to be put to the coach

putting the wheelers to the coach

… and the leaders

Then comes Misdee Miller, driving her team to a coach …

putting Misdee’s horses to her coach

put to and waiting

portable lights have been set up around the stabling area and along the road

Rounding out the VIPs-in-carriages parade will be Todd Draheim, driving this wicker Vis-a-Vis of Misdee’s:

Princess Haya, president of the FEI, will ride in this lovely carriage

Misdee’s pair being hitched to her wicker carriage

still waiting …

While everyone waited for the signal to set off toward the stadium, Marilyn drove her team out of the stabling area and onto the road. When I looked over to where they were standing, I saw this …

… another magnificent harvest moon

Finally, in the dark …

Misdee, driving behind the stadium, is about to enter the arena for the rehearsal