A few things I spotted around the WEG grounds yesterday:

1. A drill team (?) getting ready …

… for the first run-through of the WEG opening ceremony

2. People way up in the baskets of several man-lifts (or whatever they’re called) … the one we went up in to photograph marathon obstacles from way on high was just like these, but I don’t think we were quite this high. Or I hope we weren’t, at any rate!

that’s a big horse, and some tall grandstands

3. The side of the opening ceremony stage, in the outdoor stadium.

the opening ceremony promises to be quite a show!

4. A gorgeous sunset and a rising harvest moon. We here in Lexington are treated each fall to some of the most beautiful sunsets I’ve ever seen. And every year, the first few still catch me by surprise and make me say, “Wow.”

yesterday’s sunset, reflected in the grandstand banner and the lake

Today, as I walked to work from our campground parking lot, it seemed that the frenetic must-get-it-all-finished pace from earlier in the week has slowed down a bit. Everything’s nearly ready, and now everyone can take a deep breath and get in the right frame of mind for the festivities. Nearly everyone I run into now — athletes, officials, volunteers — seems happy. You’ve gotta love this atmosphere!

And, for the full effect, another view of the grandstand banner, from this morning:

we’re looking awfully festive, no?