Yesterday here at the (almost) WEG, we had a full day walking, photographing, rehearsing, and … well … some regular work thrown in too.

We all started the day by parking — with the rest of the KHP and Horse Center staff — waaayyy over in the Horse Park campground and walking to our office. It’s not a bad walk, really. On the way to work I got to see lots of final WEG prep work along the main road through the park, and on the way back out in the evening, I had a nice stroll in the shade along the “Promenade” that’s been constructed beside our little lake. But … you do have to plan on an extra twenty or so minutes to get to work, or to your car, depending on which way you’re going.

In the morning, Katharine had a couple of men here installing frames to hold the HUGE banners that will grace the front of our building during the festivities.

one of the two CMA banners in front of the CAA building …

… they both feature wonderful old photographs, with descriptions on yard signs

the front of the building, covered in flowers for WEG

In the early afternoon, Jill met with the various people in charge of the horse part of the WEG opening ceremony and with the four CAA members who are driving a variety of carriages into the ceremony to deliver VIPs. They all went over their route, the timing, plans, etc.

four CAA members will drive carriages into the WEG opening ceremony to deliver VIPs; l. to r.: Todd Draheim, Misdee Miller, Tom Burgess, Marilyn Macfarlane, and Jill Ryder

Tom Burgess driving his pair of Friesians toward the KHP’s steeplechase barn

Later in the afternoon, I went out to photograph the arrival of several “Old West” wagons that will be featured in one of the marathon obstacles. The next post here will be about those, so check back!