Last Thursday evening, A.J. and I walked downtown so I could get photos of a few of Lexington’s Horse Mania horses. That same evening was a “super-sized” edition of our weekly downtown music festival, Thursday Night Live. So instead of a single band, there were three: one in the usual spot (the downtown pedestrian-zone pavilion that houses our Saturday farmers’ market, one a block over on Mill Street (which had been closed to traffic), and one a couple of blocks in the other direction, in the courthouse plaza. In addition, as part of all the road/sidewalk construction we’ve been undergoing all summer, Main Street was down to one lane because of paving … so there was some serious traffic, which is generally unusual for a Thursday evening.

At any rate, without further ado, here are a few Horse Mania horses — in their natural habitat — plus a few other views of the evening:

I think this horse is meant to look like it’s covered in silk scarves … but I’m not really sure; behind it, you can see some remnants of the ongoing sidewalk construction


the Alice-in-Wonderland design on this horse was drawn entirely with Sharpie pens


… and a close-up shot of the White Rabbit at the Mad Hatter’s tea party


a horse painted in garden scenes


down the street from the “garden” horse, we caught a glimpse of the trolley, which has two basic routes — up and down Main Street and, perpendicular to that, UK to Transy — and, if you want to hop on while you’re in town, it’s FREE


the band that was playing on Mill Street … and, in keeping with our Horse Mania theme, note the little girl in the corner


… and the view (taken a little later) from the other direction


getting back to the horses: one with a beautiful Celtic design


… and a close-up of its head


and, finally (for this Thursday outing) … a mosaic horse


and a permanent horse-statue resident: John Hunt Morgan, in front of the old courthouse (now the Lexington History Museum)


for no particular reason, other than this is where we ate dinner that Thursday, and it’s one of our favorite downtown restaurants, I’ll close with a view of a Wines on Vine cheeseburger, which is one of the best in town