It’s been a while since I’ve posted any photos of the steady progress being made on the marathon obstacles for this year’s WEG.

Today, for the first time in weeks, the weather was warm (well … low 40s feels warm when we’ve been struggling with temps in the teens) and the sun was shining. So I took my camera and walked out onto the horse park grounds to get some photos. I did have to watch my step here and there (and several times I wished I had thought to bring my wellies) … the last remnants of our snow is melting, which means … MUD.

We’ve reached the point in this endeavor when the obstacles are beginning to look very much like championship marathon obstacles. And so, from here on out, I won’t be posting photos of entire obstacles; nor will I identify which obstacle(s) I’ve photographed. Rather, we’ll tempt you with details.

one of the beautiful locust-tree logs being used in the construction of a new marathon obstacle for this year’s WEG

a lovely set of posts and rails (and some snow)

a joint being nailed after it’s been strapped together

a rough-cut joint that still needs to be finished and sanded

a joint that has been finished and sanded

one of a row of sycamores along a road through the KHP; I had to include this just so you could see how blue the sky was this afternoon